The models of steel line doors are distinguished by their high lighting coefficient, with the possibility of inserting various types of glass.

Our leaves

According to each project the ideal solution.

portoni industriali sicc srl

Infill doors with panel

Door thickness 50mm steel (cold profile) painted and infilled with 25mm thick insulated panel.

portoni industriali sicc srl

Buffered doors with glass

Door thickness 50mm made of steel (cold profile) painted and arranged for infill with glass of various sizes, from mm. 6/7 up to 28 .

Steel door customization

Our doors can be customized in both color and type of glass.



Doors are powder-coated in the various RAL colors available

Ellisse 22

RAL 1013

Ellisse 8

RAL 3000

Ellisse 7

RAL 3003

Ellisse 5

RAL 5010

Ellisse 6

RAL 6005

Ellisse 10

RAL 7016

Ellisse 20

RAL 8019

Ellisse 21

RAL 7035-9002

Ellisse 4

RAL 9006

Ellisse 3

RAL 9010


RAL 9007


Glass on request

Our doors can be filled with a variety of glass types, for example:
clear laminated (mm. 3+3 or 4+4 or 5+5 versions), special laminated (White Satin, Milk White, St. C), double glazing (mm. 3+3 / 9 / 3+3), double glazing with low emissivity (mm. 3+3 / 14 g.a. / 3+3 b.e.) and multiple other types of glass

portoni industriali sicc srl